8 Sachets Mega Pack Greek Style Passion Fruit Yogurt Base



Mega Pack Of 8 Sachets of Greek Style Passionfruit Flavour Yogurt Mix SAVE 15% OFF Normal Price When Bought as pack .

A thick, heavenly blend of our Greek Style base with hints of exotic Passionfruit.  A delicious taste of the tropics!

Made fresh so no artifcial ingredients or stabilisers.  Contains Live Cultures, Deliciously thick and creamy.  Source of Calcium and protein.  Gluten free and Vegetarian 


Whole and Skim milk powder, 63%, (emulsifier, (soy lecithin)), sugar live lactic cultures (L bulgaricus, S thermophilus, L acidophilus, Bifidobacgterium lactis), natural colours (beta carotene, beetroot red), natural flavouring substance 

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